Program for Professionals

It enhances all your technical, mental, tactical and physical skills.

Our goal is to educate people through sports, positively influencing the development of athletes through their values. This will make them better people.

M3PA Method


Creation of a consistent game with a rhythm. Application of the different game variations, working on the concepts of anticipation and use of percentages. We work on the acceleration and power of the strokes, footwork, flexibility and balance in the different areas of the court.

M3PA Method


The player is introduced to competition tactics, game situations, planning and use of different types of games and players.

M3PA Method


We work on the increase of the concentration capacity, with visualization exercises, situation, pressure and rhythm of the game. We make the player master relaxation techniques, breathing and rituals. We promote self-confidence, positive attitude, fun and enjoyment.

M3PA Method


Based on a Biomechanical Analysis and a physiological study (carried out by our team), a Personalized Training Plan is established, which has the following objectives:

Achieve the player’s maximum resistance and improve Power, Strength, Balance, Elasticity, Coordination and Reaction Speed.

M3PA Method


We work on the mental aspect on and off the court, creating situations similar to those of competition during training.

We help the player to maintain a high level of concentration, to overcome his doubts and fears and to overcome the obstacles he encounters in the competition, mastering body language, concentration rituals, goals, objectives, and, above all, the enjoyment and fun of the player in any game situation.

M3PA Method


We educate our players on the importance of healthy eating habits and instill a food culture, so that they know the different types of food (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc …) and their nutritional characteristics. In addition, we set the guidelines for a specific diet before and after the game, we explain the importance of proper hydration during the game and other essential nutritional aspects for professional athletes.


Program and schedules


General information on training programs for professionals

Training programs

Monday to Friday:

6 hours of Paddle.
3 hours of Physical Preparation


Aimed at players looking to compete at a professional level with a full-Time training plan.
Ages from 16 years old.


Monday to Sunday:
9:00h to 22:00h

365 days a year


M3PA Professional programs are available at all centers.


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— We believe that in this increasingly competitive and professionalized world, it will be those with the best training who will lead the process of transformation towards the professionalization of the world of paddle.



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    Our goal is to educate people through sports, positively influencing the development of athletes through their values. This will make them better people.

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